Monday, October 22, 2007

The BIG Blue Door...

It's time to replace the existing front door... for several fundamental reasons.

First, it is a double French door that only opens on one side. The opening is a not so generous 30 inches. Not big enough for the huge front entry.

Second, the glass doors do not allow for much privacy. I removed the old blinds some time back and threw them away. Didn't stop to think that without them you get a clear view of the whole house and with all the glass you can see straight into the back yard. Absolutely NO privacy. It is quite the event to get from one side of the house to the other in my robe without putting on a show for the neighbors. Plus, it really limits the "nobody's home" game when the door bell rings!

Although, you gotta admit it's kinda fun to crank Lalo Shifrin and creep from post to post secret agent style. It is MUCH better to be able to fit things wider than a large pizza through the door. -Steve

NOTE: The cat on the chaise. That's Cooper and he seldom moves. -Steve

The new door.

We pulled off the interior sheet rock above the door and found the original rough opening. With those measurements we went to Crown Door and ordered a new solid core flush birch door with sidelight. The new door measures 42 inches wide by 7 feet with a 20 inch side light.

This is DD and me artistically painting the door and frame. She did a GREAT job!
NOTE: Cooper's still on the chaise.

It arrived unpainted. With one coat of oil based exterior grade primer and 2 coats of exterior semi-gloss latex we were in business. Our contractor, Randy, stopped over after work to help Steve install the door... or did Steve help Randy? Not sure, but they are a good team.

Oh, I'm totally the not-so-helpful, but he's trying so hard assistant. I just did what he told me to do, including stand outside for what I'm sure was way too long checking the alignment of the gaps... I think he was just tired of me asking dumb questions! -Steve
Like the TV? It's a Muntz and has a build in AM radio, and record player. Only the radio works all the time, the rest sparatically. I'm considering either gutting it and replacing the innards with a functioning stereo system and flat screen TV or consulting our 1961 Mechanix Illustraited Encyclopedia and trying to fix it myself. ....yeah. Like I need another thing to fix. sheesh.

After a couple of tries and lots of shims the door was in. I guess the concrete floor in the atrium is not quite level (I swear that atrium floor is going to haunt me forever!)

We had the holes for the lock set and knob drilled for a 5 inch back set rather than the typical 3 inch. This gives the knob a little room and looks much better on a door this size. My fantasy door knob is centered... but they do not manufacture those any more and it's nearly impossible to find new old stock for a reasonable price.

Putting in the door knob and lock set seemed to be a little more tricky than expected, but finally it worked and the door was in.

Now that's a front door!

Come in, won't you? Please excuse the cat on the chaise! -Steve

Next steps for entry:
1. Caulk, paint and touch up
2. Install new door bell button and switch cover
3. Find, buy and install front door camera... no peep holes for this door!
4. Pressure wash and seal aggregate
5. Install new house numbers
6. Install new front light fixture
7. Find a bench for the entry