Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fixing a wall... with cooled LAVA!

Well I finally did it... I went to work on repairing the lava rock wall that's been crumbling since we bought this place.
In looking at the wall, it appears that many people have tried their hand at repairs. It's not a task for the timid. Not only do you have to mix mortar, but you need to tint it so it'll blend in with the still-standing sections.

This is the AFTER shot... I couldn't find a good BEFORE, but even better... can you spot the 5 pieces that are new? 

Add a BOSKO Tiki, traditional dresses, and it's perfect for selfies!

We had 100+ guests stop by for a quick dip in the pool. Tiki Kon 2014... this was back in July of 2014.