Monday, March 26, 2007

Phase I

I thought now might be a good time to tell you what our plans are for this cool house.

1- New floors in every room except kitchen & family room (those will get re-done in phase II... or maybe III, or IV...)
We're putting cork in the master bedroom, living & dining rooms. The two front bedrooms will get new carpet. The loggia & hallway will be done in a snappy VCT (mostly white with black flecks.) the concrete floor in the atrium will get polished and maybe stained.

2- Reglass the atrium, with a bonus glass wall. The previous owner covered the atrium with 4 large skylights, two of which open. They did a pretty good job and we'll be leaving that alone. BUT they also removed the glass walls & sliders that encased the atrium. We'll be replacing the glass, but since it now has a weatherproof ceiling, we aren't going to replace the slider. the bonus is we're going to replace the solid wall between the atrium and the hallway with a glass wall.

3- Restore the opening between the dining room and the family room. Right now it's covered with diagonal cedar tongue & groove paneling. I'm hoping that when I take the paneling off it will be obvious where the original opening was.

Tomorrow we'll get going on chiseling off the loggia tile, removing the hallway wall and taking off the diagonal paneling in the dining room.

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