Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dad's are so helpful

My dad has great timing. He called the other night and could tell we were stressing too much on the house stuff. So he said he was on his way over.

Figured he'd be in paint clothes and ready to do construction... not exactly.

He rolls up in a the Corvette (supercharged, of course!) ready to thrill anyone brave enough to go for a spin.

Supercharged.... there's more to this car than merely bolting on a Paxton Supercharger. I'm not going to give away any Schnell family engine building secrets here, but this car will do 200+, easily. They took it to Bonneville to check the top end, but their roll bar wasn't the right kind.
It's a very very fast car!
That's my humble '06 VW GTI in the background. It's fast... but not supercharged-Corvette fast!

First, the kids took their turns. Then me. We pulled out of the neighborhood and headed toward Powell on Eastman Parkway. Then he punched the throttle... 90mph instantly... Wow! What a stress release. I loved it. (My heart is still stuck to my spine!)

Finally, Steve climbed in the car. They were gone a long time. Hmmmm.

It was getting dark, so we couldn't keep an eye out for "The Man". We didn't do anything too reckless and returned home wreak-less! -Steve

As you can imagine we got nothing done on the house, but it was exactly what we needed!

Thanks, Dad.

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Anonymous said...

Your dad looks about the same as he did 20 years ago!! Wow, 20 years since we were in college. Scary!!