Monday, July 6, 2009

How to Camouflage Lattice!

Don't know what it is about lattice... but I think I actually hate it. This house had so much lattice the first time we saw it that my initial instinct was to RUN AWAY! I'm so happy to report that we have successfully removed ALL the lattice from the inside of the house (see previous post) and now have begun the de-latticing process in the backyard.

Solution: Remove it... or cover it up.
We'd like to create a tropical oasis in the backyard and have some big plans for this space! This project is the first step in transforming the backyard. In keeping with the tropical theme, we found some inexpensive reed fencing (
same used in ghetto fence project) that could be tacked up over the lattice, and bought six 6' x 15' rolls. (Yes, we have that much lattice that needs to be covered!)

Step 1: Measure and cut the reed fencing to fit over the lattice sections.
The reed cuts easily and the wire banding can be trimmed and twisted to the length needed.

Step 2: Air staple reed section to lattice.
Some of the pieces were awkward to install, but with a ladder and Max up above to move the air compressor it went pretty quickly.

Step 3: Instant tropical makeover!
The pool house looks like it's wearing a grass skirt. Now all we need are some tiki torches and hula girls!

Note: We are still working on this. There is quite a bit more lattice to cover and ivy to remove. I'll post final before and after photos when the project is complete.

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Amy in Arizona said...

Wow, what a difference!! Who'd thought? Your backyard is incredible! I wish we had that here in Arizona!!