Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Is polished concrete slippery?

Yes. That's one fast ride!
I thought I was going to have to wax the cement.... nope. It's plenty fast! I promise I'll work on my tan (and my blubbery waist-line!)

And maybe a little scary...
That thing's steeper than a 45-degree angle and the turn at the bottom isn't really banked enough so yeah.. the first few times it's a little scary.

We have yet to officially name the slide, but "Rummer's Revenge" and "Lava Luge" are the favorites.

Also in the running is "Gresham Glockenspiel" I know a glockenspiel is a xylophone-like thingie but it's fun to yell "To the Glockenspiel!" Have a better name idea? Please let us know!


Anonymous said...


The slide looks like fun. Was it there when you purchased the house or did you add it?

Personally, I like glockenspiel the best!

Looks like you are having too much fun!


motard66 said...

Hi, I met you two at the AAA meeting (as opposed to the AA meeting) on Thursday, and just had a look at your blog....I loved reading your reno stories! Since I'm in your 'hood, let me know if you need help - I may be able to help you swing a hammer or something.

and I must say...the previous owners were Lattice Crazy! Yikes!