Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Wisteria must DIE...

The huge wisteria on the back fence belongs to our neighbor. BUT it grows on our side of the fence... right above the pool. We waited for it to bloom before we made any trimming decisions. It has been neglected for years. Some of the branches are 2-3 inches thick! The blooms were pretty, but few. And when the breeze picked up... all the petals and leaves fell into the pool. What a mess.

Final decision: it's gotta go. Well, at least trim it back to the fence.

You can just see the end of the slide peeking out from under the wisteria. I think it would have been fun to go ripping down the slide through all those branches, but probably not a smart liability risk. The pool was almost filled up. See the dry concrete... when wet it's a murky, black bottom pool. Adds to the mystery, huh? -Steve

The part along the main fence was easy to reach with a ladder. But the area above the waterfall and slide was a little tricky. Steve got creative and a little daring!

Notice the branches growing through the teeny spaces between the fence boards. That thing hadn't been trimmed in a looooong time. -Steve

The big clump falls into the top pond of the waterfall. Hey, we have a slide!

No I'm not on my way down. I'm just trying to reach the errant branches to snip 'em off. Max is in the water waiting to catch twigs as they slide down the slide. -Steve

And... and waterfall.
The first few trickles. Once it gets going, there's quite a rumble. Well, maybe not a rumble, but it's louder than I thought it would be. -Steve

First, clean up... then we can play!

The dried up wisteria petals were like paper mache stuck to the upper pool... fun. -Steve

Nice Hang-time Max!

The pool's only about 5-feet deep, so no Wide World of Sports cliff diving re-enactments. I touched the bottom with my bottom on this cannonball. This is also a nice view of the roofline of the poolhouse. -Steve

DD and cousin Jarom with a tandem leap!

Art for art's sake. Nice shot!

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Anonymous said...

Steve and Haley,

You did a great job cutting the wisteria back. It looks so much better.

Looks like you have the party place now!