Monday, February 4, 2008

These are a few of our favorite things...

Renovation motivation is very low! So we spent one gloomy, rainy day in January snapping pictures of the things that make us smile. I know it's just stuff... but it was a fun way to fill the afternoon.

Just got the floor lamp back from the Rainbow Lampshade Shop! They rewired the lamp and built the custom shade for the Danish modern antique. It has an upper and lower bulb that turn on separately or together.
I pulled out my trusty Restor-A-Finish and #000 Steel Wool to spruce up the base. I've found that the wood needs a little booster of Restore-A-Finish every couple of months to keep stains from resurfacing. Or maybe I should use Pledge or some such thing. In any case... I like this lamp. -Steve

I love our vintage radio collection. They are currently on display at the Oregon Historical Society's GI Dream exhibit. The new house has limited wall space, so not sure where to put them when the exhibit closes in May.
The radios elicit many questions... such as...
"Do they work?" Most of them do, but I've tucked the power cords inside the radio so they look beter on display without a rats nest of cords.
"Where did you get them" We've picked them up at thrift shops, antique stores, as gifts from friends. Our price limit is set at $25. We've passed up some awesome radios that were over our limit.
"Do you want more?" Nope. I think we have plenty. Unless there's one that looks REALLY AMAZING, then maybe we'll replace one.

Tikis and Temporama...

Found this Lane Acclaim coffee table in Spokane last summer. Bartered down to nearly nothing, threw it in the back of the truck and giggled all the way back to Portland. Steve cleaned it up, and WOW! It fits our turquoise sectional sofa perfectly.

What can I say? I'm an I Dream of Jeannie junky. Steve found the Jeannie bottle at a local shop and wrapped it up for my birthday. Best present ever! Also, picking up Sereno glassware when I find it.

Oh, and we can't forget the vintage glassware and Crazy Daisy!

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