Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ready to order tile!

Found a great tile source: www.hakatai.com

You can create your own custom blend from the stock tile colors and view a generated image of the final blend. Pretty slick... and it won't break the bank. Here's the blend we will order for the bathroom!

I think we have scrapped the bathtub all together, and have opted to create a walk in shower. It's the second bath and the kids don't use a bathtub... besides the master has a tub if we need it. The tiled shower will work great. Now, we have to dispose of the tub. (sigh.)


Scott said...

Nice blend! That will look fabulous. Smart idea about making a nice shower. Yeah, it's hard to give up that original tub feel, but a new shower will be such a pleasure.

50s Pam said...

Sorry to interfere - but can I convince you NOT to use glass tile? I really truly think they will be "out" as fast as they were "in". How about the same idea - but in porcelain ceramic tile?

Haley said...

Do not worry, Pam...
The tiles we are using are not the ├╝ber trendy glass tiles you are thinking of. I scoured the universe looking for ceramic mosaic with little success. EVERYTHING is "tumbled trabertine-esque" (YUCK!) or the wrong size... or limited colors... or cost more than our house. The tiles we selected are glass, but according to the sample packet states it:

"uses a special formula that produces a more opaque variety of glass mosaics to maximize the colour definition, contrast as well as balance within a blend of different colours. With the most enduring non-fade and crackle-resistant properties that have served the industry for over 30 years."

The samples are very opaque and will give the look/feel of the original tiles used in the roman showers of the 60s.

Thanks for noticing... and don't worry, you're certainly not interfering. Cheers! -Haley

PS- if you have a great resource for porcelain ceramic tiles, I'd love to check it out... our master bath is still on the project list!

50s Pam said...

The company locally that I found is S. J. Masters out of Connecticut. They had the real vintage style romanesque tile that you speak of - in true retro colors. You can see some of them on my site, http://retrorenovation.com - Search S.J. Masters. All that said, though, it sounds like you have found a great new alternative! I think I will contact them and see if they will send me some samples to view for a potential blog post. Good luck.