Thursday, August 21, 2008

House Numbers...

Voila! We finally have numbers on the house... maybe we'll get mail now!
The new address numbers arrived quicker than expected! Luckily, we've finished painting that section of the house so we wasted no time getting them installed.

Each number is individually cast so installation could be tricky. The manufacturer included a (dummy proof) paper pattern template to simplify the installation. This helped a great deal... with the pattern tacked in place (and level) Steve pre-drilled the holes.

The first attempt to dry fit the numbers was more than successful... the "nine" was in for good. The rest of the numbers were set in with epoxy.

The 1/4" spacers are just enough to cast a good shadow under the numbers. It's a very clean look and such an improvement to the front of the house.


Johnny Yanok said...

I love your blog! I've been reading it for some time now, but this is my first time commenting. Your blog has given me some great ideas! I have also been fixing a MCM that the previous owner put a lot of "french country" touches, along with odd, not matching "improvements" I swear she got on mega-clearance at the local home improvement store. Good Times! I did this same project (house numbers) a while back, and I have the same cedar paneling on my house. It was fun lining up the numbers just so- that the pegs didn't land in the recesses. Once again, love the blog, good luck with the painting!

P.S. oy! the ivy... I had it growing up trees, the house... such a mess! But it's gone now!

Steve said...

Thanks Johnny!
We really have NO idea if anyone other than our immediate family and a few friends read this blog, so THANKS for leaving a comment and glad you're enjoying our home improvement attempts.
Good luck de-French-Country-ifying your house! And I feel your pain in trying to deal with previous owner "updates" and "improvements" courtesy aisle 11 at the local Big Box Home Store. (Sheesh... this epidemic must be stopped!)
Congrats on your Ivy Eradication! Ours tries to come back every now and then... it's like Undead Landscaping... Zombie Ivy!! Truly horrific!
Thanks again and continued good luck, amigo!