Monday, August 18, 2008

Tropical Inspiration

Tiki Oasis 8 in San Diego was the perfect field trip to get inspired about our backyard tropical paradise. Tiki lovers from around the world packed into the Crowne Plaza... historically known as the Hanalei Hotel. We had a quiet room on the atrium side of the hotel. (Next year we'll try to get a pool/stage view and a block of rooms so we can throw a really good MCM League party!)

That gigantic tiki with the smoking, glowing blue eyes is actually a tiki bar. Crazy, huh? -Steve

INSPIRATION #1: THE ATRIUM(S) at the Hanalei Hotel
I'm easily distracted (must be some kind of creative ADD), but the atrium held my attention. It was an amazing display of tikis, tropical plants, lava rock and water features. It's shocking at how closely the hard scape design resembles our backyard. Lava rock everywhere with ponds and waterfalls. It's very inspiring to see it all pulled together with the plants and tikis.

This was a quiet Hawaiian style dude... and he's about 6-feet tall. Would be perfect next to our pump house, but he wouldn't quite fit in my carry-on. (but seriously... some lame Oasis attendees actually STOLE a few tiki posts from the atrium area. Idiots! Luckily peer pressure prevailed and they have been returned to the hotel. sheesh!) -Steve

What a nice, peaceful meandering path with water features contained in lava rock walls, little bridges with painted tiki posts for the railings (there were unpainted posts in the restaurant, and I think they looked better), and tons and tons of tropical foliage including 7-story tall palm trees. It's looked amazing at night with lighting accents. -Steve

This cool little hut proved to be a nice peaceful place for Haley and I to have lunch on our last day... that is until we were surrounded by ukulele wielding ruffians! Apparently this is where they have their "Ukulele Jam." (?!!) We left before things got out of control. -Steve

Here's a nice little outrigger close to one of the waterfalls and on the right is the glass walled elevator. One of the bands actually played inside the elevator... with an upright bass. Now THAT'S elevator music! -Steve

The other glass walled elevator at the top of this pic. I like how they have stuff growing in the ponds... maybe I'll try that in our yard. hmmmmm.
We met Sven Kirsten (author of Book of Tiki and Tiki Modern) at the book signing and we both commented on how it was surprising that the atrium area was empty most of the time. It was a tiki oasis away from Tiki Oasis.


We ate here a few times and it was okay. Good decor and since you could see the stage from most of the tables... pretty dang convenient. -Steve

This was indoors. Notice the unpainted tiki posts holding up the rails. Much nicer than the painted ones out in the atrium, I think. -Steve

How 'bout this for our pump house? I'm hoping for a cross between this and Gilligan's supply hut. -Steve


Did you know the Mai Tai's at The Bali Hai have NO mixers?!!! 100% rum... three different kinds. I didn't have one, but Justin had 5!!!! -Steve

This is the infamous Goof! Consult the Book of Tiki for background on this dentally challenged chap. Sort of reminds me of the totem pole where Gilligan's head was the top. No, we won't be adding a Goof of our own to our house. Even I have limits on my Polynesian pop obsession. -Steve

Justin and Greg are seriously the two dappiest dressers EVER! The jaunty gent in the middle is the headhunter at the front door of the Bali Hai. -Steve

One of the hotels on Shelter Island. I don't remember which, but they're all over the place! -SteveSee!! Here's another one!

This is Humpheries... or Half Moon Inn or something like that. It looks even better at night with propane torches, a huge lit up trap/light fixture at the peak and ambiance o-plenty!

San Diego is a great town and we owe Austin & Marci a dinner or two for playing tour guide for us. You San Diegoans are lucky folks! -Steve

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