Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Will the Bamboo Survive?

My mom had some bamboo growing in her yard that she wanted gone and thought it might work for our side yard. The bamboo is tall! It's at least 15 feet tall and plenty to start our bamboo forest. We decided to start with a few clumps and see how they do.

Digging up bamboo is no easy task!
The ground was dry and hard so digging it up was pretty difficult. After watering the ground to loosen the dirt and a little elbow grease we pulled them out of the ground, put them in pots and placed them in the back of the truck. We had to lay them down in the truck bed, but they still hung out the back quite a bit. It was hot out (and not the right time of year to transplant bamboo) so we quickly ran home to put them in the ground.

Live... I tell you, live!
They are in, and still alive after 10 days. We're watching them closely. Hopefully, they will flourish. We plan to get more in September when the season changes and we can transplant them better. We'll have a full bamboo forest in no time!

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