Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bathroom Tile Update

The tile is ordered!
It's the custom blend classic tiles from Hakatai (mentioned in an earlier post), and will be delivered in mid-August. Today's design plan includes keeping the tub. We have gone back and forth on whether the tub stays or goes, but now (I believe) we have finally decided the tub will stay. The new-old vanity helped us make the design decision to keep the vintage look of the bathroom as stock as possible. Plus, we had no idea how difficult (or expensive) building a tile shower floor would be.

New design challenge

We ordered 113 sq. ft. of tile... only need about 70 sq. ft. for the tub surround. Options for the extra 40 sq. ft:
1. Tile the entire far exterior wall. This is adjacent to the tub so it will blend right in.
2. Tile the bottom half of the exterior wall and sink/toilet wall. The height will give a nice back splash behind the sink.

I have no idea what we'll do. Any suggestions?

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