Friday, September 19, 2008

Exterior Paint Colors

Choosing the body color and trim was easy... taupe and brown. The accent color took a little more thought. Our other Rummer neighbors have chosen china red (reddish-orange) and I love it, but didn't want to have the same color... that's a bit boring.

Last year we installed the new front door and painted it a beautiful turquoise... perfect mid-century color! It works well with the browns and adds some fun to the exterior of the house. I might also note that I've somehow incorporated shades of turquoise throughout the interior as well, so I must really love it!

Paint Specs:
Body Paint: Evolution velvet #0233m — Miller Paint
Trim Paint: Ultimate semi-gloss #CP103 (Oxford Brown) — Rodda Paint
Accent Paint: Unique II low-gloss #LA1210* (Forest 4) — Rodda Paint
*This is a Laura Ashley paint color, but it's not available in an exterior paint. Rodda did a custom match.

New Question:
Do we paint the garage doors taupe or turquoise? I'm leaning toward turquoise... that will definitely make a statement. We can paint over it with the body color if we hate it or causes the neighbors grief.

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Nick and Marci said...

We love the new house colors! Your house is looking really good.

I'd pain the garage doors to match the body color of the house.

We've been enjoying the blog!

Marci & Nick
@ The Bonnie Brae Project