Saturday, September 13, 2008

Still sunny. Still painting.

Who was the genius that convinced us that painting the house ourselves was a piece of cake? It's not... unless you like cake that's splattered with paint, caulk, and surprises. We have been making progress, though. The shed & pool house are done and on the house, three sides have the body color on, the front has about 1/2 of the trim first coated, and it's a nice sunny day today. I'm thinking we'll get the rest of the body color on and hopefully a good chunk of the trim finished before Monday. We've been taking pics and will be posting probably Sunday night. (wellllll.. how 'bout Tuesday?)

SIDE NOTE: Haley actually believes that all home improvement projects can and should be completed in 1/2 hour... just like those shows on HGTV and DIY. She also believes in pixie dust, unicorns and that Samantha Stevens was a real person. *sigh*

That's not entirely true! Some projects take 60 minutes. -H

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