Thursday, October 2, 2008

Almost beat the rain!

That's the deal about trying to get outdoor stuff done when you live in the Portland area in Oregon... it tends to rain.
A lot.
Okay, actually I think Seattle gets more rain, and we've had a really nice summer... but they're forecasting rain that should begin this evening and continue until around mid-June. And I wasn't quite finished painting the trim. ...and we have a lot of trim.

So yesterday I loaded up the roller, 4" brush in my back pocket and painted like the wind. Up on the roof to hit all four peaks. All around the house to put the second coat on the upper trim boards. All exterior 4x4 posts. There are three beams that have some rot that should be treated... but that's gotta be on hold for a bit. (One beam is really, really bad and will be the topic of a future blog-post about beam restoration using thinned 2-part epoxy.) Then it was a mad dash to finish the garage doors.

I must confess that Steve did nearly all the painting. It's impossible to keep up with his "super-human" painting skills! Look at the motion blur on this photo... he was painting a breakneck speed and cutting in by hand at the same time. NO TAPE! Amazing. (I did turn on the back light when it started getting dark!) -H

DD helping us throw the paint on the garage doors. Yes, we painted them turquoise! We're replacing the doors next summer so we thought we'd live with it for a bit. It's a bold choice, but we're not the typical homeowners. I think I like it. -H

By the time it was too dark to paint, we had painted everything except a few areas that need a second coat, the trim piece under the roof overhang (since it's sheltered from rain, I think I can do that later), the entryway trim (again, covered so that's manageable for later), and a few bits here and there.

We'll be posting pics in the next day or so, so check back. We think it's a major improvement over the previous non-contrasting colors, but you be the judge.

Now it's cloudy, starting to sprinkle a bit and I have my sights set on finishing the kids’ bathroom and finishing the atrium.

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