Monday, October 6, 2008

Good, Fast, Cheap... pick 2

We are do-it-yourself-ers! (With some help from our trusted contractor, Randy!) But I've got to admit I found a excellent work crew that I plan to use again. They were good, fast AND cheap. They needed a lot of supervision, but were eager to please and completed the job on time and within budget.

The project: Living room window flower beds.

We cleared out the shrubs from the beds and fixed the downspouts (see previous post) when we painted the exterior trim. Now is was time to rebuild. After visiting the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon Plant Sale on September 20th I formulated a quick and easy plan for the beds that included shade grasses, rock (lots of rock) and a little punch of color!

The materials: Landscape fabric, white rock, shade grasses, pots and colored rock!

The process: Secured the landscape fabric in place with large fabric staples then spread the white rock evenly over the bed.

The crew at work: Max with a couple of neighborhood friends attack the project with muscle and enthusiasm.

The cost: 3 juice pouches!

The final touch: Aquarium Rock! Gotta give credit for this to McDonalds. Yeah, that's right... we took Max to breakfast and noticed the colored rock in their outdoor ashtray. In seconds we all had the same idea.

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Sandi said...

Nice work! Love the papyrus.