Saturday, November 8, 2008

Winter Projects:

I'll put a green X next to the things we've finished so far.... we've been busy.

It's raining! And probably will continue to rain until May. So we are now focusing our efforts on indoor projects. Our goal this winter is to get as many rooms as possible completely DONE. Top priority is the living room, atrium, second bath/laundry room and hallway. (Basically, anything visitors would see!)

In order to keep things organized we've compiled a punch list. It's really more for our reference than anything, but it will also be interesting to see how much we can get accomplished during these dark, wet winter months.

Here's the to dos (in random order.)

Living Room:
• replace all electrical outlets (They're white... brown goes better)
• paint upper beam and trim (They're really high and I think a scaffold will be better than teetering on top of a ladder.)
• install finish trim (Should be straightforward, except we all know there's nothing square in any house.)
• remove fireplace surround
• install new fireplace screen
• install new hearth (concrete? tile? ...not sure 'bout this one.)
• add fireplace up lights (would show off the stonework better.)

• install finish trim
• trim out front door
X • complete planter (lights, plants, rock)
We're getting closer... put in new plants and a few new lights. We're just waiting for one corner that's being used to store remaining finish trim.
• paint beams
• paint skylight (No... not the skylight... the woodwork around the skylights)
• fix skylight opener (one has been broken before we moved in... may require welding.)
• build new step (Right now it's concrete blocks. Haley's thinking 2x4's on edge would be nice... a sort of Nelson Bench effect.)
X • re-build fountain (Love the Leaky Tiki, but I think he's sprung a leak somewhere and the motor's getting loud. Time for a re-do.)
• clean bamboo furniture (A nice Sunday afternoon project)
• order new cushions for chaise
• paint grooves in floor (To erase the last rememberences of our experiments in grinding/staining.)
• reseal concrete floor (I think it's time for a shinier shine.)

Second Bath:
• install new toilet flange
X • install new t-connection for sink plumbing
X • move shower head up 10 inches
X • install drywall and concrete board
• install tile Haley's going to tackle this job! I'm confident it will look great!
• paint walls
• install new subfloor the rubber flooring must be installed on a plywood base.
• install flooring
• set toilet and vanity sink
• install new light fixture
• install new fixtures
• finish trim
• install laundry light
• stack washer/dryer and hook up
We have "people" doing this stuff... I gotta know my limits!

• finish birch paneling
• install finish trim
• buff and polish VCT flooring
• install closet doors

Things to Order:
• closet doors
• 2nd bathroom door
• master bath door
• atrium light
• gutters/downspouts

I'm tired already.
Me too, but it's going to be great!


Amy said...

No relaxing winter nights by the fireplace for you guys!! Hope you get everything done!! I'll make sure to come visit after everything is finished!! If I come too early, you might put me to work!!! Have fun!!

Haley said...

Amy, you can visit any time! And yes, I'd probably put you to work. As for the relaxing by the fire... I did that yesterday and read the Sunday paper and stared at the ugly fireplace surround that we need to replace! Ugh, it never ends. -H

Rebecca Schnell Caddigan said...

Haley, Steve, Delaney and Max!

Your house looks amazing and in Gresham, Oregon no less. I hope you are all happy and healthy and that things are going well. Sorry to read about Jess...sounds like the loss of an amazing man.

Next time you come north, please remember that you have an Aunt in the area.

Love to you all!!!


BC said...

Great site! Why are you removing the fireplace surround? Not original? I have a 3-sided open fireplace with "roman brick". These fireplaces didn't have mantels in '62, but I want one, and am tired of hanging stockings on the piano. I'm having difficulty finding a mcm mantel. Any suggestions? Thanks, Beth in SC

Steve said...

Hey BC in SC,
Thanks for leaving a comment and it
's great to hear you're enjoying our blog.
Our fireplace surround has glass doors AND a screen and a "brass-like" coating. Haley's just not digging it. We'll probably wind up with a simple sceen.
Your fireplace sounds really cool. Last year I made these wire "S" hooks for the stockings that worked well... y'think something something like that might be possible with your brick mortar? If you must have a mantle, I think remembering "simple is best" is a good rule of thumb. I'll keep an eye out and send pics that might be helpful. Good Luck!! -S

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