Thursday, December 4, 2008


OK... I can't help myself. Steve found a Thermador cooktop and double ovens with an extra cooktop (still in the box). Also, comes with the original book from Thermador. Yeah, we bought it and now I'm reworking my whole kitchen concept around these pieces. Looks like we'll have a sleek Jenn-Aire set for sale soon. Sigh. I love that one too, but the Thermador is just too amazing and fits the house perfect! I'll post pics as soon as we pull it out of the back of the truck.

While the Jenn-Aire is a super fine appliance, a Thermador is probably better quality, is more original to the house and c'mon... all 4 pieces (including the extra cooktop) were only 50-bucks! They look to be in primo condition, although I think they are from the 1950s... a little too early for our house, but that's fine with me.

The Primary oven is model W-016-A and sold for $176.00 according to the price written in the booklet. The Secondary oven is model W-016 and was $163.25. I've never seen this model of cooktop before. It's big, with a good size griddle in the middle. Model SU-4G and was a whopping $199.50 way back when.

Haley's deciding if we're going to mount the ovens side-by-side or go with a top/bottom configuration. I'm sure she'll keep you posted! -Steve


Felicia said...

Just came across your blog -- clicked on your link via our blog dfwmcm -- it is crazy fun.
(So there are others!!)
I have serious appliance envy. How did you ever find this Thermador -- and for $50?

Keep it up, kids!

50s Pam said...

Hi Haley. I just saw an oven like this on ebay today and noted what the listing said: "Mid century modern design does not get any better than this Thermador oven designed by Norman Rae in 1956. This oven is used in period Mid Century Modern restorations, for instance the X-100 show house built by Joseph Eichler and the Kaufman house designed by Richard Neutra in Palm Springs."

Looks like a great find!!!

mike S said...

Hey Steve, We live in Portland too and have a house full of Thermador. Wondering how your kitchen is working with all those NOS vintage appliances.

chris c. said...

I have the same exact oven. The main model. Mine just stopped working. I don't know why. The elements seem to be in good shape but I'm getting no heat on the top or bottom elements. Has anyone had the same issue w/ this oven?

Larry D said...

I have the same vintage oven as in your picture, any chance I could get a source or some copies of the manual? willing to pay for the copies and or hassle. Also any source for parts or repairs. We love ours here in Prescott Arizona. thanks Larry

Steve said...

Looks like we should update things here... Overall the Thermadors are working well, we particularly love the huge griddle!
BUT we have had a few issues; the electrician wired something funny and if you touch the cook top and the oven, fridge or dishwasher at the same time you'll get a bit of a JOLT!
The temp seems to fluctuate on both the burners and in the ovens. We sometimes put a thermometer on the rack to better judge the temperature in the ovens. (both top and bottom burners are still working fine, fingers crossed!)
Larry D, send me an email address and I'll copy the manual for you. We have everything, even the contracter's rough in dimensions!