Sunday, May 3, 2009

Holes in the paneling?!!! ACK!

Hanging something on our new wood paneled hallway involves pounding a nail through it. It's kind of a permanent thing. That's why all the walls that have new paneling up don't have anything on them yet. 

Well, tonight we took the plunge and hammer in hand, hung up a recent Craigslist purchase, a 5-foot long wood carving of I think the Bay Bridge as interpreted by the fabulous WITCO! (W-500 for my Witco freak friends.) The colors are great and the first pic is how it looks from about 2 steps inside the front door. The second pic is how it looks as you start walking down the hallway. This is nighttime lighting... I hope we like it as much in the daytime. 

(Also, I'm trying a new font. Ariel is the closest thing they have to Helvetica.)

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