Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tile Removal Begins

We began removing the tile around the lagoon today. The tiles actually POP off easily... not a good sign, so it's good that we are re-tiling.

The mortar is very crumbly under the tiles.
We've found bugs, pine needles and mold under some of the tile, and the surface is very moist... is that normal? I think the only thing holding the tiles up is the grout. The removal looks to be the easy part. The cleaning and prepping will take some time. I'm going in to talk with our pool guy tomorrow to discuss strategy and buy the correct mortar and grout for the project.

Some of the tile actually sits underneath the pool surface and there are a few crack in the pool wall and lagoon bottom, so I will schedule a professional to come out and evaluate the pool surface. This may be a little more than a do-it-yourself project.

That's one green pool! Oh, and it's bigger than I estimated... I have to buy more tile.

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