Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Frankenstein Deck... Bringing it back to life.

We have lots 'o deck... maybe 1200+ sq. ft. I know!

Question: how many suitcases of money did it take to build?
Answer: about 40K.
Bottom line: we could never afford to replace it!
Action plan: attempt to bring this sorry looking deck back to life... somehow. (fingers crossed)

The deck had been very neglected the last few years and we worried that it may be beyond saving. With the help of some 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner and a pressure washer we began the Frankenstein deck experiment. This 30 Seconds stuff is amazing! It takes about 1 gallon/100 sq. ft. We bought two 5-gallon containers to start, followed the instructions on the label and jumped in.

Outcome: we are pleasantly surprised at the vibrant, nearly new look of the deck.

What a difference! The pressure washers chewed up a little of the surface. To keep our feet as splinter-free as possible we'll rent a floor sander to smooth it down before we seal the wood. The main back decks are done. Still need to clean the sides, the deck overlooking the green space (this one is pretty bad), the path up to the pool house and the pool house deck. We will also use the same cleaning process on the aggregate patios, walkways and driveway then seal with a wet-look concrete seal. Should be fabulous when all done... good thing I love the pressure washer!

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