Friday, June 5, 2009

Solair Chairs... Very Cool Patio Chairs!

Designer: Fabiano and Panzini
Manufacturer: IPL, St.-Damien, QC

This indoor/outdoor chair had a long production run, from the 1960’s to the 1980’s. With it's classic styling and increased demand Industries Émile Lanchance Ltée in Canada has reissued these fantastic chairs.

These chairs are awesome... and NO ONE sells them on the West Coast until NOW! If you want some contact me and I'll send you the information. They are available in 6 colors: white, aqua, orange, yellow, bright pink and beige.


Who me? said...

I am def interested in the info for US purchase options! :)


sonora said...

i am very interested in buying some!

please email me the information at


Anonymous said...

Would love the info for US distributor of these FANTASTIC chairs! Thanks!

Kat said...

These are pretty fantabulous looking! How well do they hold up? My other half is built like a linebacker so i'm wondering how sturdy they are.

How can I contact you for more details and cost?

(ps: I came via the boards on MCM league.)

Haley said...

Kat, you can email me from the MCML forum... I'm 60s Mom.

Annelisa said...

HI, I know this is an old post but hopefully you might come back and see this comment! I am very interested in this chair, and I would love some contact info.

© moderndesigninterior said...

The Solair Chair is finally available in the US through