Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mid-Mod Dot Rug

With the fall weather sneaking in on us and the over abundance of spider webs springing up over night in the the yard, I've turned my attention back inside. The family room has patiently been waiting for us to complete the projects we started back during the kitchen remodel. (sigh) Just wondering why somethings take so long to complete and once you have them done the list of to-dos doesn't seem to get any smaller? This is the life of a DIY-er.

Family room BEFORE.

A year or so ago I found some round rugs at Ikea... ORANGE round rugs! I should have bought them then, but no, I waited. Sure enough the orange rugs at Ikea sold out and were not restocked!

Flash forward one year: Orange round rugs must be a seasonal fall item because they are back in the store! Last Monday night we bought 12 for the family room floor with the idea to place them in a 3 x 4 pattern to create a mod-dot area rug. (Approx. 7' x 10')

Since they are going directly over VCT flooring I was concerned that they would slip around on the waxed floor. Fortunately we found some none skid mesh that keeps the rugs from moving. And, oh my, they work great. Those circles aren't going anywhere... I really tried to get them to move once they were down. Even took a running start to see if I could skid across the floor. Nope!

Up next in the family room:
1. Finish trim
2. Install ball lights
3. Install sound system
4. Recover sofa sectional
5. White laminate side tables and coffee
6. Buy plant for corner by TV.


Lesley said...

I love them! I was thinking of doing large dots in my son's I definitely want them.

My crazy non-slip rug pads get all wonky underneath. I just read somewhere to run long stripes of silicone caulk on the bottom of the rugs to make them non-stick. I might try that next time and see how it works.

I can't even say how slow we are on our DIY list too!

Clarksdale said...

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would you mind checking out my site and if you like it put it in your blogs you like? Thanks!!!

Sherry Baby said...

Wow! I love the orange rugs! I am inspired. You did a wonderful job with the living room. I just starting to bring back the splender of a small 1950's cottage with a pyramidal roof and corner windows. I can't wait to do more to it! Thank you!

Steve said...

UPDATE! After growing tired of straightening those dang circles on an hourly basis, we've moved on. We tried duct taping them together. duct taping them to the floor, sewing them together with fishing line and everything short of VooDoo!
If you've figured out a way to make them stay put in a house with two kids and a hyperactive dog, please let us know!