Thursday, April 5, 2007

Atrium/Loggia update

Steve is working late tonight on the house, so I thought I'd do a quick update. (Steve can fill in with the details later.)

We have made huge progress this week on the atrium and loggia:

1. Removed tile in loggia
This was a bigger job than we thought it would be. We hoped the tile would come up, leaving the "wonderboard" intact underneath, but we weren't so lucky. Most of it had to be reduced to rubble with hammers, some was pried up with hammers and a crow bar, all of it was messy, dusty, and way heavier than expected. Our kids helped a lot, some friends helped a whole lot, and Haley and I chipped away where we could and hauled heavy slabs and maxed out garbage cans out to the dumpster. -Steve

2. Removed wall in hallway

Just pull off the old T-111 and frame in new stops for the new glass... nope. Not so simple. Instead of more post & beam construction, there was conventional framing under there. So we (with help from Austin & Marci) ripped off T-111 (trying to save it for use on another wall), took out the "Spinsulation" and demo-ed the sheetrock. I capped off the electrical then called in the pros. -Steve

3. Installed new subfloor in loggia

Did you know that the adhesive used to put Wonderboard on subfloor is basically concrete? It is, and it's dusty & messy. But after I took care of the high spots, I put down 5/8" particle board underlayment. The loggia will get another layer of particlebboard... 3/8" thick so the 1/8" thick VCT will wind up being the same height as the 1/2" thick cork flooring that will go down in the adjoining living room. -Steve

4. Installed new beam where hallway wall once was.

Doesn't that look good? It would have been cool to just get one giant sheet of glass, but what am I-- made of money?!! Our contractor did a really nice job. -Steve

5. Framed in atrium for new glass

This really gives the atrium it's own space. It and the hallway now have a nice, open feel. I like it. We'll paint the new framing dark brown (Norweigian Wood from Rodda), order the glass and close everything up soon. -Steve

Next week:

1. Paint posts and beams (Us)
2. Move conduit and rewire atrium light (Electritian)
3. Polish and stain concrete floors (Concrete floor guys)
4. Order new glass (Contractor)
5. sell our other house!

We're going to be busy... again!

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