Thursday, April 5, 2007

Family, Friends and Brothers

What would we do without them?

First, my mom rocks!
She came over the other day and brought me lunch. Then asked what I was working on. (The carpet in the hall needed to be ripped out.) So my sweet mom (in her pant suit and blouse) grabbed the crow bar and tore into the baseboards in the hall. Then tackled the carpet and pad! I was shocked at how quickly the task was done and the old carpet disposed of. FANTASTIC!

I would have paid money to see this! My mother-in-law is one demo-lishion moe-sheen! -Steve


Saturday our friends dropped by to see the house, and gave us a present... 2 HUGE ball lights. These will be perfect for the peeks. One will go in the entry and the other most likely in the living room.

hmmmmm I think I'll have a caption contest for this pic... What a GREAT housewarming gift! They also contributed an ultra-cool pull down light fixture for the dining room, a fondue set, and a Simon game for the kids! Check out "Sputnick Housewares" in Portland. It's theirs and it's PACKED with more swanky stuff. -Steve

They are a little large for the family room... but Steve still had to make sure!

No comment... -Steve

These same generous friends stopped by a few nights later and we put them to work. (Well, the boys tore out the hallway wall and the girls supervised from the saucer chairs!)

This was fun! We expected to find a beam and evenly spaced 4x4 posts. Imagine our surprise when we discovered regular old conventional stud framing. In retrospect the new posts and beam look great and are probably better than anything we were hoping to find, but it caused more than it's fair share of "huh!"'s when we first uncovered it. -Steve

The wall was no match for two strong men and tools. It came down easily. And guess what we found in the wall. It's not insulation... it's SPINSULATION!

And Austin put on some gloves, rolled up the "Spinsulation" and threw it all in the trash pile, while wearing short sleeves! Merci Beacoup! -Steve

Thank you, thank you... Marci and Austin.


And finally, one night last week our house was bursting with men in tool belts! I affectionately call them the "frat" brothers... they looked so nice and clean to be ripping out our molding, rotten subfloor. Our "brothers" (12 of them) arrived at 6pm and by 8pm the gross subfloor was pulled out and most of the new subfloor was cut and installed. Yay! You guys are amazing... I think the dust is still settling.

Imagine a rip-snorting, agitated herd of rhinos wielding crow-bars and skil-saws. I thank you and my back thanks you, too! -Steve

We are so thankful for all of you!

Yes we are!