Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hen-pecked peckerwood...

Steve's been singing this Dave & Deke Combo song all day... He mostly mumbles under his breath, but every so often I catch the line: "...but she had other think'in, she wanted me to panel the house!"

OK, it's true. I never thought we would want to put paneling on the walls, but now that it's starting to go up... I love it.

We purchased 10 sheets of 4' x 8' St. Helen's birch paneling (from Mr. Plywood) and hauled it over to the house in the back of the truck. It stuck out a little, but Steve strapped it down and then followed behind me in the GTI to keep a close watch on it.

Got it home safely and set it up in the living room to match color and grain on the panels.

Today we started installing it in the hallway (you can see it from the atrium through the glass wall!) Aside from a small glue spill on the newly waxed (and buffed) VCT, it went up pretty smoothly. Can't wait to get the rest up.

After we finish the hallway, we will panel the dining room. It a nice accent to all the trim and windows in the main living area of the house. I'll post more pictures when it is complete.

Here's a link to the song Haley's talking about: "Henpecked Peckerwood" -- Dave & Deke Combo; Hollywood Barn Dance CD, track #12. for fun.

The paneling is going up well. If you ever want to know how un-square your house is... install paneling. And what's the glue for anyways?!! You gotta nail in all across the top, down the sides and at the bottom to hold it up against the wall so the glue can set, but if the nails are holding it up, why bother with glue?!! All it does is stink up the house, drop a glob or two on our newly polished VCT floor and give me a headache... sheesh...

I can't wait to put up the trim, there's about 1/4-inch of wiggle room at the top, bottom and corners which will be covered with simple crown and corner moulding and baseboards. Right now it just looks like the pieces aren't cut right.

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Randy said...

Steve, Haley and gang,

I'm enjoying watching your progress on your blog; the house is looking great! You are making great progress.