Sunday, April 22, 2007

Who needs a glass atrium?...

when plastic works just fine!

1. Plastic is clear (like glass)
2. Plastic is easy to install (like glass)
3. Plastic is only $2.99 (NOT like glass)

Seriously, we cleaned out the atrium and taped up plastic in preparation for the concrete guy. (Hope he shows up this week!) It's a really messy job and we are hoping the plastic will confine most of the concrete dust.

We have really been at a loss with the atrium floor. Do we stain it? Acid wash? Custom coating? We really want cement aggregate, but decided to just grind off the top layer of the concrete floor to expose the rocks. It will kind of look like aggregate without the texture... the concrete guy assures us that once it is ground, sanded smooth, and sealed it will look close to terrazzo. Love that... so my hopes are high.

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