Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Two Rooms: Done!

We let each kid pick the carpet and paint color... and they painted their own room (with a little supervision from Mom and Dad.)

Max picked an electric, steel blue for his walls and a "jungle" green closet. The loft is all ceiling and windows, so thank goodness we didn't have to climb up there with our paint buckets and brushes!

Delaney selected 3 colors (lime, aqua, and cream) for her room and designed the accent wall pattern. The closet and nook for the murphey bed was painted "dinosaur" green and the remaining walls are a light aqua. Delaney taped up the accent wall design and painted the small squares green, then went over the rest of the wall with the aqua. When we removed the tape the cream lines outlined her design. It turned out great.

Tuesday the carpet went in. These are the only rooms getting new carpet, so we chose a really good 1/2" pad for comfort. The kids will spend a lot of time in their rooms on the floor, so it was important to put a little extra into the carpet and pad.

Both rooms have a creamy, beige color but look and feel completely different. Delaney's room has a longer shaggy look and feel, and Max's is a plush, low cut pile. They are perfect and the kid's did a great job in selecting the right carpet for them.

Two rooms are completely DONE! Too many more to go, but at least the kids will be at home!
Wellllll..... not completely done. I still need to install baseboards, closet doors, window & door trim . They need new doors, too. -Steve

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Haley said...

OK, you're right. There are a few things left to do. When are we buying the baseboards? -H