Thursday, December 13, 2007

Did you know...

Kohler makes bathroom fixtures in several colors! We have been researching for the bathroom re-do. Here are my favorites:



Tea Green—

The boy likes the blue... the girl likes the blush... so we'll probably settle on the tea green. I have tile samples on order, so no final decision will be made until we select floor, tile, and formica.

Notice the metal frame on the sink! Didn't know they made those anymore. Yay!

When Haley first emailed me the green sink pic, she commented on the "metal band." Of course I responded with a remark about Winger, Ratt and Motley Cru.
Aren't we h-i-larious?!! -Steve

Came across this vintage ad for bathroom color combinations. (Thanks to

One more thing! You can custom order a new toilet seat to match the color of your vintage toilet. Looks interesting, but we already recycled our old toilet.


Jody said...

Oh wow, that is a good sink with the metal frame. It looks exactly like ours:
Good to know they still make that. Though you can get the vintage ones at ReBuildIt Center for less moolah.

Haley said...

True. You can get them at ReBuildIt Center for less... the only draw back is finding a matching toilet. We scoured their inventory several times and found lots of sinks that worked, but no matching commode. Errrr!

We'll keep looking, and maybe we'll get lucky when we re-do the master bath. -H