Monday, December 17, 2007

Formica Rocks!

Just received my countertop samples in the mail! I'd love to find white Formica with gold flecks, but I don't think they manufacture it anymore. I did find some fun patterns in the Formica "classic" collection. A couple are simple enough to fit our bathroom design.
VirrVarr White
VirrVarr Lite Blue

The VirrVarr White sample is a matte finish, but the site says it comes in polished. I'd prefer polished... so we'll double check to see if it's available.

New design comp with countertop material:

1. Toilet/Sink: Kohler Tea Green
2. Tile (tub surround and backsplash): ModWall Lush Kahuna (glass blend)
3. Floor: ECOsurfaces GI Joe
4. Counter: Formica VirrVarr White
5. Walls: Aqua/Blue... light turquoise (TBD)

I thought I would weigh in here... I really like this whole thing. At first I wanted vintage fixtures from a building recycling center, but after seeing these color choices I think this is a smart way to go. Also using new stuff should keep my adventures in amateur plumbing and pipe repair to a minimum! I especially like the floor! -Steve

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