Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fun-Due Friday!

We had our first party!... a small get together with The Verbtones and their families. It's still a construction zone, but if you photograph the right angles, you'd never know!

My friend, Marie, put together this video tour of the house. It makes me smile. Thought I'd share it!

Looking for a Genie...

Yes, I'm the biggest geek in the world. I like the I Dream of Jeannie bottle, though. -Steve

...all the magic is happening in the kitchen!

FINALLY there's a picture of Haley in the blog!! That's her in between the two Verbtone wives. Three Fondue Pots going at the same time... that's a new record for us! -Steve

Do you think we have enough food?

Our snappy Burke kitchen table set. Tulip base on the table, propeller bases on the chairs. That's a huge pile O bread, huh? -Steve

DD showing us all the proper way to eat fondue. What a cutie!!! -Steve

It's a Fondue Frenzy!!! -Steve

And some people think mid-century modern style is cold. I love this room and how warm and comfy it is. The house is perfect for parties! We love it!! -Steve

Fondue, Fun, and Entertainment!

DD providing some laughs for the whole gang! HAHAHA! -Steve

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Delaners said...

oh my gosh!!!! i can't believe you would put that pic of me on the internet!!!