Monday, December 17, 2007

More Bathroom Resources

Today I'm working on floor and tile options. The gutted bathroom project is haunting me, and we need to start ordering... takes up to 4 weeks to get the toilet and lavatory, so design decisions must be made quickly. We have an idea of the colors we want to go with, but the combinations of flooring, tiles, formica, fixtures, etc. are still a little fuzzy. I'm narrowing down the choices, and here's the short list:



Rubber Flooring
Recycled Rubber Flooring - ECOsurfaces

ECOsurfaces Commercial Flooring, made from recycled rubber, combines outstanding slip resistance with cushioned resilience and easy maintenance. Perfect for a wide variety of installations this resilient reincarnation of retired tires is what's new in green design. It's available in rolls or tiles, and in 54 standard colors, with 29 custom granules for those who want a color blend all their own.


The tub surround and back splash behind the sink will need some tile. We like the 1 x 1 mosaic tiles. Found some glass tile that looks really slick, but also like the traditional ceramic. Here is some 1 x 1 glass/ceramic tiles blends that are at the top of the list.

Check these out! They are so cute. Don't know if we'll use them in the bathroom, but thought they were interesting.

ModDotz Blend "Miami"
— This porcelain has a very low moisture absorption rate and is great for indoor and outdoor use including wet areas... so they're a great option for floors/walls in bathrooms and kitchens.

Sample decks are ordered and I should have them by the end of the week. I need to see how each color and design will all work together in the space. Should have the final design choices complete by the end of the week. Then we SHOP!

Here's my first attempt. Like the color combo on screen, but need to see the actual samples before making the final decision.


50s Pam said...

What a great blog -- great house -- and great family! You all are awesome, and I can't believe how much work you are doing. Hey, at some point soon I need to do a post on cork flooring - and will get back with you to talk about your cork floor. Meanwhile - for the bathroom, what about Armstrong Imperial black as in my post dated March 18, 2006. That particular tile has been around forever - it's an absolute classic!

- pam at

Haley said...

Great idea. I'll check out the Armstrong site... my search has just begun! Thanks for your input and your fantastic resources. -H

Jenifer said...

That rubber flooring looks great. Might be the thing for our 50s ranch basement - I'm looking for something softer than VCT. Can you get it in the Portland area? Do you have an idea of the cost? Are you going to use it?


Haley said...

Hi Jenifer,
I ordered some samples from the manufacturer, and it's really cool. Much softer than VCT, so I'm sure it will be great under foot. It's very flexible (like tires)and has a slight smell (like tires! Hmmm?) But I still plan to use it. Our floor guy said he could get it, but still need to get pricing. The space we are doing is small, so we can splurge a bit without breaking the bank.

Do you live in Portland? I could let you borrow the samples if you want to see them. Let me know.

Haley said...

Also... need to find out how to clean it. It has a slight texture and a non-skid surface, so cleaning may be tricky. I'll post my findings soon.

Jenifer said...

Thanks Haley,

I was also wondering what the maintenance/cleaning of this flooring is. I sent an e-mail to the rep listed on the manufacturer's web site, but haven't heard anything yet.

I'd love to hear the pricing. We would be doing our whole basement, so it's a pretty big concern. When we find out the cost, I might take you up on your offer to show me the samples. We live in SW Portland.

Thanks for your help!