Thursday, December 13, 2007

Holiday Decorating!

Not many decorations survived the move. We put up the aluminum tree and decorated it with some vintage balls—turquoise! That's about it.

About 9am every day when the sun's out (which isn't very often.... this is Oregon, y'know) the sun shines through the clerestory window directly on the tree. Notice the other-worldly glow! No additional lights were used in taking this picture. At night, we flick on the color wheel. -Steve

Our neighbor was selling this gorgeous vintage aluminum tree... so naturally we took it and put it up in the family room. It's too big for the room, but beautiful. I bought some lime green balls for it, but think I'll be looking for something else (after Christmas sales!)

Steve weathered the storm a couple of weeks ago and put up the lights on the outside of the house. We used multi-colored lights (the large ones) and outlined the roof line. It looks great. A cheesy metallic wreath next to the garage completes the look. Not much, but at least it will be easy to put away this year! (I'll take a picture tonight and post it later.)

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